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The common areas are identified as the Lobby, School Corridors, Assembly Hall, Staircases, Playground, School Garden and the Transport vehicles.

1. Lobby School Corridors and Staircases:-

Running around and shouting are strictly discouraged. All students must get into proper file/line to go anywhere as a class. All students are expected to follow the rule of going/ moving in line most strictly. Those who violate the rule of moving in line will be admonished appropriately

2. Assembly Hall:-

Absolute silence must be maintained in the Assembly Hall, while assembling and dispersing. Prayers are to be said in all earnestness.

3. Playground and School garden:-

Pelting stones at each other and plucking flowers are to be avoided. Students should not litter the Floors, Corridors & the Playfield.

4. Bus:

Students must remain seated in the buses. Shouting and playing in the school buses are forbidden. The bus facility will be withdrawn for those students who repeatedly behave badly in the bus. Damage to the seats, glass and window or any other interiors of the bus etc., will necessitate payment of a fine. Eating inside the bus is prohibited. Bus users are asked not to speak loudly or shout as it may distract the driver.


All students must speak politely and behave decently with others. Speak considerately- avoid shouting, swearing and offensive/ foul language. Speak always in English in the classrooms, in the campus and in the buses. Students who use abusive/ bad language will be punished.


  • All students are expected to attend the School regularly and punctually.
  • Attendance on the opening and closing day of each term is compulsory.
  • Every student is required to have an attendance of not less than 95% of the working days in the School.
  • Students are enjoined not to take leave for various functions and ceremonies at home. Parents are requested to seek leave for their children only in unavoidable circumstances.
  • No student shall absent himself without obtaining proper permission to avail leave. In such cases as sudden illness where it is not possible to seek prior permission, a leave letter must be produced on the first day of the student’s return to school. A student who does not produce a leave letter from his/her parent/guardian will not be permitted to attend class.


  • Always Dress modestly. Students are expected to come to school in complete uniform on all working days.
  • No precious ornaments are to be worn by the students. Always be neat & clean.
  • Never lower your dress standards, immodest clothing such as shorts, skirts, tight clothing & other revealing attire are prohibited in the School campus. All the girls should wear white petticoats under their uniforms. All the boys should wear white vests under their shirts.
  • Girls with long hair must have their hair plaited and secured with white ribbons. Those with short hair are permitted to use only white hair bands and hair clips. Boys are expected to have their hair cut regularly.
  • Avoid extremes in clothing, appearance, and hair-style.
  • Avoid being sloppy in dress, grooming and manners.
  • Avoid touching others for any reasons.
  • Uniforms must be regularly laundered. Shoes must be polished and socks washed everyday.
  • Children must wear school ID cards regularly to school.


Smart Cards

Each child securing 80 % and above in a minimum of two subjects in all the Tests and Exams will be eligible for a Smart Card.

Scholar Cards

The first two of the children from a class, in all the sections put together, who have received more number of Smart cards, are eligible to get Scholar Cards. The Scholar Kids will be honoured during the Annual day for their achievements & attainments in Academics.

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