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Academic excellence is brought to the fore by awakening the integrated intelligence of the children involving Co Scholastic activities like sports, arts, music and so on. We do strongly believe that a good value system is the foundation for the blossoming of the child into a responsible citizen of the world.

Since the school’s vision is to provide education for life rooted in timeless Indian values with a global outlook, Awakening the integrated intelligence of the individual to comprehend of himself/herself as a total process is the utmost task of the educational system in Vivekanandha Academy.

The educational programmes in Vivekanandha Academy are designed meticulously to suit the essential and special needs of children from different strata of society.




Senior Secondary

  • Child centered
  • Work should be wedded to joy learning by Doing
  • Play way method of teaching
  • Activity based learning
  • Child centered
  • Application of educational technology
  • Learning through observation &self-experience
  • Learning through heuristic
  • Child centered
  • Application of educational technology learning by Doing
  • Individualized instruction
  • Project method
  • Experimental Method

Educational Technology


Smart class is available for teachers and students over the web, and can also be installed on the school's local server for faster and more reliable access to the content.

Educational Technology in Vivekanandha Academy is effectively used by the staff

  • To plan and structure TLP.
  • To emphasize objective based programmed instruction.
  • To express instructional objectives.
  • To present learning materials.
  • To select apt media to match the skills and abilities of the learners.
  • To access students’ learning.
  • To provide direct experiences.

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