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Transport RulesĀ 

All bus users are expected to follow transport rules most strictly to ensure safety and security of all. Those who violate these rules will not be permitted to use the facility any further. The following rules have been framed mainly considering the Safety of the Children. All parents are requested to kindly co-operate to ensure the safe transportation of your children.
  • Parents of junior school children are requested to make sure that an authorized person is present at the bus stop till the school bus picks up the children in the morning and also that they are present at the bus stop when their child gets off the bus in the afternoon or evening.
  • The bus facility will be withdrawn for children whose parents do not follow this particular rule.
  • While dropping the children, the school bus will not wait at any stop to ensure that the child has been received by some one. The authorized person or parent should therefore make it a point to be present at the bus-stop five minutes earlier. Students not being received by parents in the evenings will be brought back to school.
  • Students should be present at their bus stops little earlier than the appointed time of departure. The bus will not wait for any late-comer. Please avoid chasing the school bus for your own safety.
  • Parents are requested not to give instructions to the bus driver or conductors directly. And also no instructions should be given to the office staff over phone regarding the bus. The school cannot be held responsible for any such instruction given.
  • Temporary changes in the bus stops for personal convenience are strictly not allowed. Any requests made for temporary changes in the bus stops will not be considered.
  • In case of any permanent change in the bus stops for the junior school children the parent or an authorized person should contact the Transport coordinator in person (not through a letter) and intimate the school, of the change well in advance before you instruct your ward of the change. The child (L.K.G. to Std. III) should wear the new ID card mentioning the new bus stop and bus no. from the date of changing. The child should wear temporary ID card provided by the school until permanent card is issued.
  • For the senior school children the change should be communicated through a letter addressed to the Manager, Transport department.


  1. The school diary must be brought to school everyday.
  2. Go through the Diary daily. It is an excellent channel of communication.
  3. The school uniform must be worn on all school days including Saturdays.
  4. Every student is expected to help in keeping the school premises and classrooms neat and clean.
  5. Damaging school property, scribbling on walls and on furniture is forbidden. Disciplinary action will be taken against students who repeatedly indulge in such activities.
  6. Students are responsible for the care of their personal belongings books, pens, lunch and snack boxes etc.
  7. School ID cards are to be kept safely and worn to school everyday.
  8. No Student shall leave the school premises during the working hours as and when they desire. In case of any necessity the parent/guardian should meet the Principal/Vice Principal with a written request and collect the child from the school.
  9. While the School will take every precaution to ensure the safety of its students within the school premises during school hours, the school authorities will not hold themselves responsible for mishaps beyond their control.


The common areas are identified as the Lobby, School Corridors, Assembly Hall, Staircases, Playground, School Garden and the Transport vehicles.
Lobby School Corridors and Staircases:-
Running around and shouting are strictly discouraged. All students must get into proper file/line to go anywhere as a class. All students are expected to follow the rule of going/ moving in line most strictly. Those who violate the rule of moving in line will be admonished appropriately
Assembly Hall:-
Absolute silence must be maintained in the Assembly Hall, while assembling and dispersing. Prayers are to be said in all earnestness.
Playground and School garden:-
Pelting stones at each other and plucking flowers are to be avoided. Students should not litter the Floors, Corridors & the Playfield.
Students must remain seated in the buses. Shouting and playing in the school buses are forbidden. The bus facility will be withdrawn for those students who repeatedly behave badly in the bus. Damage to the seats, glass and window or any other interiors of the bus etc., will necessitate payment of a fine. Eating inside the bus is prohibited. Bus users are asked not to speak loudly or shout as it may distract the driver.
All students must speak politely and behave decently with others. Speak considerately- avoid shouting, swearing and offensive/ foul language. Speak always in English in the classrooms, in the campus and in the buses. Students who use abusive/ bad language will be punished.


  • Always Dress modestly. Students are expected to come to school in complete uniform on all working days.
  • No precious ornaments are to be worn by the students. Always be neat & clean.
  • Never lower your dress standards, immodest clothing such as shorts, skirts, tight clothing & other revealing attire are prohibited in the School campus. All the girls should wear white petticoats under their uniforms. All the boys should wear white vests under their shirts.
  • Girls with long hair must have their hair plaited and secured with white ribbons. Those with short hair are permitted to use only white hair bands and hair clips. Boys are expected to have their hair cut regularly.
  • Avoid extremes in clothing, appearance, and hair-style.
  • Avoid being sloppy in dress, grooming and manners.
  • Avoid touching others for any reason/s.
  • Uniforms must be regularly laundered. Shoes must be polished and socks washed everyday.
  • Children must wear school ID cards regularly to school.

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