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Dormitory Rules

  • All students must strictly follow the words of the Warden.
  • Attendance for prayer at dormitory is compulsory.
  • Beds, belongings and the like at dormitory are to be maintained well. Those who don't fold their bed sheets, wash their dresses will be punished appropriately.
  • Smaller children are restricted from climbing the stairs.
  • No one other than the sick children should be in the Sickbay.
  • Wash area, toilets and other areas in the dormitory are to be kept neat and clean. Students should cooperate with the Ayas & helpers in housekeeping and cleanliness.
  • Students are prohibited from possessing contraband such as electrical & electronics goods, eatables, expensive materials of any sort in their wardrobes/ cupboards.
  • Students are prohibited from keeping blades, scissors, candles or any such items that may cause serious damage.

Appearance & Dress

Every one's body is a sacred creation; it ought to be respected rather than any defilement to it.

  • Always Dress modestly.
  • Always be neat & clean.
  • Never lower your dress standards, immodest clothing such as short shorts, skirts, tight clothing & other revealing attire are prohibited in the School campus.
  • Avoid extremes in clothing, appearance, and hair-style.
  • Avoid being sloppy in dress, grooming and manners.
  • Avoid touching others for any reasons.
  • Avoid posing for photographs for someone to take photos or videos of you.

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