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Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow


Education is the manifestation of the perfection already contained in human beings' said the cyclonic monk Swami Vivekanandha. True education is more than curriculum. It means nurturing individuals with right attitudes and right values to be competent, responsible and enterprising.

Vivekanandha Academy is managed by Friends Educational & Charitable Trust, Tirupur.

The school was begun in the year 2010 with the vision of providing value based qualitative holistic education for children. The prominence is not merely imparting textual information to our students but indeed preparing them for the larger goals of life itself. Academic excellence is brought to the fore by awakening the integrated intelligence of the children involving Co Scholastic activities like sports, arts, music and so on. We do strongly believe that a good value system is the foundation for the blossoming of the child into a responsible citizen of the world.

Since the school's vision is to provide education for life rooted in timeless Indian values with a global outlook, Awakening the integrated intelligence of the individual to comprehend of himself/herself as a total process is the utmost task of the educational system in Vivekanandha Academy.The prevailing ethos in the system is in perfect place.


The earnest endeavour of the school management and staff is to acquire greater heights in the service being provided every year. Certain initiatives taken last academic year include the introduction of Life Skills sessions that expose children to multifarious skills like Marketing, Adaptability, Financial Savings, Organizational skills, Effective Communication Skills, Personal Management and cooperativeness etc.,,,,, To be proud this year the students have brought unparalleled success to the institution on various Interschool competitions.

Our smart classrooms with the digital curriculum have not only sustained the creative interest of the learners but also enliven the entire classroom atmosphere.

For this reason 'our educational programmes are developed, in order to provide comprehensive education that helps every learner to enhance the quality of life.

The educational programmes in Vivekanandha Academy are designed meticulously to suit the essential and special needs of children from different strata of society.

The need to equip our children to the fast tracking technological developments has compelled us to explore areas of 'Multiple Intelligence', 'Learning Styles' and 'Thinking Styles' into the curriculum.

It goes without saying that children are made aware of their latent potentials in our Academy and that awareness will help them to unfold their abilities in different capacities to the society.

Knowledge and intellectual capability alone are not sufficient to meet life's challenges. Learning to enquire, to observe oneself, to relate with other people and the earth, must be the uncompromising core intention of the educational system.

"Today's learners in Vivekanandha Academy are certainly Tomorrow's Leaders of the world".